Produkty WFR oferowane bezpośrednio

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Regional loan

Entrepreneurs from the SME sector (micro, small and medium) who intend to apply for the implementation of a public contract or are carrying out such a contract in the Wielkopolska Region.

Expansion loan

A loan for projects implemented in the region of Wielkopolska, for the development of SME business conducted in this area, directly related to the foreign expansion of SMEs (obtaining or increasing the participation of SMEs in international trade).

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Financial line II

Financial line II for ensuring the own contribution of the Financial Broker to financial instruments, offered to to Ultimate Beneficiaries, including the fulfillment of the participation conditions in the proceedings, regarding the financial standing of Financial Broker.


A financial product supporting micro and small enterprises from the Wielkopolska Region, aimed at financing the working capital related to the business activity conducted by an enterprise, including the goods and services tax.

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An investment financial product supporting entrepreneurs from the SME sector from the Wielkopolska Region, intended to purchase real estate located in Wielkopolska, related to their activities.

Produkty WFR oferowane przez Pośredników Finansowych


An investment financial product supporting entrepreneurs from the SME sector in the Wielkopolska Region, enabling the implementation of investments increasing energy efficiency, electromobility and the use of renewable energy, aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, including improving air quality.

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A financial product which is a direct guarantee support intended for entrepreneurs from the SME sector, having their registered office or a branch and running their business in the Wielkopolska Region.